China Telecom Named "Best Investor Relations Management Company" by Sina Finance

China Telecom Corporation Limited was awarded "Best Investor Relations Management Company" in the inaugural "Golden Lion Award".

Organized by Sina Finance, a mainstream financial media in mainland China, "Golden Lion Award" was designed to honor top-tier Hong Kong listed companies. This year, more than 1,000 listed companies participated in the award. Professionals from financial regulators and major domestic securities brokers, as well as veteran journalists formed an authoritative judging panel to evaluate companies according to criteria such as annual report data, records from regulators and companies' performance in the capital market over the past year. The judging panel selected the leading corporates in each award category as the winner, based on its evaluation as well as results of online voting by netizens.

China Telecom Honored with "Listed Company Awards of Excellence 2018"

China Telecom Corporation Limited was awarded "Listed Company Awards of Excellence 2018 - Main Board" by Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ) as recognition for the Company's outstanding achievements in corporate governance, business performance and development prospects.

"Listed Company Awards of Excellence" has been organized by HKEJ for three consecutive years, to recognize listed companies with excellence in financial results, value creation for investors and good corporate governance. The award has stringent assessment process. By adopting a professional stock tracking system, candidates of the award were short-listed according to four criteria, including relative stock performance against Hang Seng Index in the same period, number of recommendations made by professional stock commentators and industry leaders as well as average annual profit growth. The short-listed companies were further reviewed and assessed by a judging panel of professionals from different sectors. All assessment data was then audited by KPMG.

China Telecom Named No.1 in "The Global Top 50 - Best in Communications Sector" by IR Magazine

China Telecom Corporation Limited was delighted to be named No. 1 in "The Global Top 50 - Best in Communications Sector" by IR Magazine.

"The Global Top 50 awards" was based on IR Magazine's annual surveys of investors and analysts across the world for its regional awards programs in Canada, US, Europe, Greater China and South East Asia. Last year, the Company ranked No. 1 in "The Global Top 50 Awards 2017". In 2018, IR Magazine changed the format to rank companies by sector and winners of individual sector gets highest number of nominations from investors.

China Telecom became the winner in the global communications sector against competition from other finalists which are all communication giants. The Company further stood out as being a winner from Asia when winners of 8 out of the 10 sectors are North America and Europe-originated.

In addition, China Telecom bagged the Best IR Website Award in the "IR Magazine Awards - Greater China 2018", showing investors' recognition of the Company's dedication to improving the accessibility of corporate information and user-friendliness of the online platform, among other communication channels.

China Telecom's 2017 Annual Report Received 19 Gold Accolades in World-class Competitions

China Telecom Corporation Limited's 2017 Annual Report (print and online versions) "Co-Building Our Smart Future" has won 19 gold accolades in global competitions, achieving remarkable performance this year. In addition, the Company stood out from global competitors and set a new record by winning the Grand Award on cover design in 2018 International ARC Awards.

The 2018 International ARC Awards, also branded as the "Academy Awards of Annual Reports" by financial media, is the world's largest and independent international competition honoring excellence in annual reports and corporate communications. The Awards are globally recognized, providing a platform for the highest standards in the annual report industry. China Telecom's 2017 Annual Report won 12 gold awards, and was the only telecommunications company that has been granted the Grand Award in this most participated event of the year.

In addition, China Telecom won 7 gold awards in LACP 2017 Vision Awards, organized by League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP). More than 1,000 entries were received from a score of countries worldwide in this year's competition.

China Telecom Voted as "Most Honored Companies in Asia" in Institutional Investor Poll

China Telecom Corporation Limited was delighted to be voted as "Most Honored Companies in Asia" in the All-Asia-Executive Team Poll 2018 by Institutional Investor, a prestigious financial magazine. The Company won this award every single year of the poll's eight-year history. The poll received votes from a record total of over 3,500 buy-side investors and nearly 1,000 sell-side analysts that represent an estimated US$1.6 trillion in Asian (ex-Japan) equities in order to elect and rank distinguished companies and executives in the region. China Telecom and its key executives also received top three rankings in multiple categories in the "Telecommunications" sector:

  • Best CEO
  • Best CFO
  • Best Investor Relations Program
  • Best ESG SRI Metrics
  • Best Analyst Day

China Telecom Voted as "Most Outstanding Company" in Asiamoney Poll

China Telecom Corporation Limited was voted as "Most Outstanding Company in Hong Kong - Telecommunication Services Sector" in the Asia's Outstanding Companies Poll 2018 by Asiamoney, and was the only telecom operator in China and Hong Kong to receive such honor. Asiamoney invited over 2,000 sell-side analysts and 7,000 investors from more than 3,000 institutions to participate in the survey, nominating the top companies in various sectors. The "Outstanding Company" winners racked up the most votes in their respective regions, demonstrating the voters' recognition of their stable business models, innovative approaches to their industries, strong leadership in their sectors and locations, and most importantly their worthiness of recognition.

China Telecom Ranked 141st in "Fortune Global 500" for the Year 2018

China Telecom ranked 141st by revenue in "Fortune Global 500" for the year 2018. (Fortune July 2018 issue)

China Telecom Honored with "Best CEO", "Best CFO" and "Best Investor Relations"

China Telecom Corporation Limited was honored with the following corporate governance grand awards in "Asian Excellence Awards 2018", organized by Corporate Governance Asia, a leading regional journal on corporate governance:

  • Best CEO
  • Best CFO
  • Best Investor Relations

"Asian Excellence Awards" recognizes corporates' achievements and excellence in management acumen, financial performance, corporate social responsibility, environmental practices and investor relations. These awards are in the tradition of the high standards set and uphold by Corporate Governance Asia, the authoritative voice in corporate governance practices in the region. The accolades are based both on the scores from the data that was submitted by readers and from interviews conducted with investors.

China Telecom Ranked 174th in "The Forbes Global 2000" for the Year 2018

China Telecom ranked 174th in "The Forbes Global 2000" for the Year 2018, which was based on a composite ranking from four metrics: sales, profit, assets and market value.

China Telecom Named "Most Honored Company" by FinanceAsia

China Telecom Corporation Limited was named "Most Honored Company (2009-2018)", at the "Asia's Best Managed Companies Poll 2018" by FinanceAsia.

"Most Honored Company (2009-2018)" is a special accolade by FinanceAsia in recognition of China Telecom's remarkable award-winning track record in previous "Asia's Best Managed Companies Polls", as well as the Company's unflagging pursuit and outstanding achievement in overall corporate governance, investor relations and corporate social responsibility, during the past decade since 2009.

In addition, the Company also snatched five No. 2 China awards:

  • Best Managed Company
  • Most Committed to Corporate Governance
  • Best at Investor Relations
  • Best CEO
  • Best CFO

China Telecom Honored with "The Best of Asia - Icon on Corporate Governance"

China Telecom Corporation Limited was awarded "The Best of Asia - Icon on Corporate Governance" in the "Corporate Governance Asia's Recognition Awards 2017", organized by Corporate Governance Asia, a leading regional journal on corporate governance. It is the 11th time the Company honored with this award. In addition, Mr. Yang Jie, Chairman & CEO, was honored with "Asian Corporate Director Recognition Award 2017".

"Corporate Governance Asia's Recognition Awards" honors corporates who have outstanding performance on various aspects including quality of management, their business model, growth prospects, financial performance and relative position in their industries. Corporate Governance Asia honors corporates that remain in good standing as far as corporate governance is concerned.

China Telecom Accredited with "Platinum Award", "Best Initiative in Innovation" and "Best CEO" by The Asset

China Telecom Corporation Limited was accredited with "Platinum Award - Excellence in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance" in the "Corporate Awards 2017" by The Asset. "Transformation 3.0", the Company's step-up transformation strategy established in 2016 with an aim to create superior and leading intelligent network in a more highly-efficient way, build a win-win business ecology in a more open way, and promote flexible synergic smart operation, was awarded "Best Initiative in Innovation". In addition, Mr. Yang Jie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China Telecom, was honored with "Best CEO in Telecommunications" award.

Organized by The Asset, a reputable financial magazine in Asia, "Corporate Awards 2017" is now in its 17th year, the longest running ESG awards in Asia. "Platinum Award" recognizes companies' attainment in comprehensive categories of corporate endeavors: financial performance, management, corporate governance, social and environmental responsibility and investor relations. Assessment is based on a stringent point-score system and feedback from the investment community. "Best Initiative in Innovation" honors business strategy that has taken the company to the next level by embracing new ways of doing business, including product or service advancements or digital enhancement. "Best CEO" rewards a range of leadership qualities and attributes including inspirational leadership, strategic thinking, team- and relationship-building, effective communication and change management.

China Telecom Awarded "Best Investor Relations Company" by Country & Sector

China Telecom was voted as the "Best in China" among other large cap corporations in the country at IR Magazine Awards - Greater China 2017. In addition, the Company was honored as "Best in Telecommunication Services sector" amid fierce competition in this category; nominees include the large telecommunications service providers and the leading telecommunications infrastructure service provider in the region.

IR Magazine Awards - Greater China 2017 was presented by two types of awards categories this year, namely researched and self-nominated, both recognizing and celebrating the success of those individuals and companies that are leading the way in the IR community. Both investors and analysts were asked to vote for the company giving them the best IR service in each award under researched categories.

China Telecom Voted as "Most Honored Companies in Asia" by Institutional Investor

China Telecom Corporation Limited ranked as "Most Honored Companies in Asia" in the All-Asia-Executive Team Poll seven years in a row since the poll's inauguration. China Telecom and its key executives also achieved top three rankings in the categories in the Telecommunications sector, namely:

  • Best Investor Relations Program
  • Best Analyst Days
  • Best Website
  • Best CEO
  • Best CFO

The Poll was organized by Institutional Investor, a highly regarded financial magazine. The 2017 ranking, organized for the seventh year to recognize top Asia (ex-Japan) region's companies and executives, received opinions from over 3,900 investment professionals at 980 financial institutions that collectively manage an estimated US$1.5 trillion in Asian equities.