The goal of VIP Customer Dept. (hereinafter referred to as VIP) is to completely improve its service so as to seek for the mutual development with its customers. China Telecom, therefore, established a VIP integrative marketing serving system covering the whole country to provide the customers with the service in an international level.

VIP has pushed a FocOne program (global one-stop service). The program provides especially large enterprise customers with the business service at one-stop. As long as contacting VIP at any time, one can enjoy the high-efficient and convenient services such as business consultation, network design solution, authority for network accesses, dispatch circuit, system integration, debugging and starting, settlement on account, network optimization and network management. VIP also handles service inquiries and receives customers' complaints. Namely the customers have not any worries by the program.

VIP is trying its best to realize closing to customers without any gap, keeping the effective service to customers without any interruption of work, responding to customers without any delay and offering customers no-distinguish service in trans-districts. The details above are as follows,

Close To Customer Without Any Gap

VIP has more than 20,000 professional customer managers and experts who are on call for providing the one-to-one service. Thousands of experts in VIP technical support center with the experts in three main R&D (Beijing R&D, Shanghai R&D and Guangzhou R&D) provide the full-scale solutions and individual tailored services for customers. It is very convenient to help customers realize the business and browse the information though the VIP special service system and the VIP individuality website.

Keep The Effective Service To Customer Without Any Interruption Of Work

With the abundant network resource and advanced network management VIP can provide the solution to ensure the constant operation, undertake to reach the international SLA level. Besides the high-quality service, VIP provides special communication safeguard for customers in a crucial period, too.

Respond Customer Without Any Delay

With the information-quick network and the countrywide managers team VIP can provides the overall service. Established "Green Channel", the exclusive operation system of VIP, can respond rapidly to the emergency demands of customers. And the VIP Customer Response Center can keep serving around the clock.

Standardized Service Without Any Difference

With the idea, Customer First and Service Foremost, The high-efficient managers team of VIP has been bending itself to reach the service standardization. Under the normative service the customers can get the same service level without any difference in trans-region.

VIP persists in sincere cooperation, regarding each large enterprise customer as its partner. At present VIP has built strategic partnership with MNC and hundreds of large-group customers at home and abroad such as Haier Group, Lenovo Group, TCL Group, Siemens, and Ericsson etc. VIP service covers government, army, finance, insurance, custom, enterprises and academy etc., nearly spreads countrywide every walk of life.