Analyst Coverage

Last updated on 01 October 2020

Company Analyst Contact Email
Bank of America Danny Chu
BOC International Michael Meng
China International Capital Corporation Limited Kai Qian
Citigroup Investment Research Bin Liu
CLSA Elinor Leung
Credit Suisse Colin McCallum
DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd Tsz Wang Tam
Deutsche Bank AG Peter Milliken
Goldman Sachs Tina Hou
HSBC Neale Anderson
Jefferies Hong Kong Limited Edison Lee
JPMorgan Michelle Wei
Macquarie Nicolas Baratte
Mizuho Securities Asia Limited Marvin Lo
Morgan Stanley Gary Yu
Nomura International (Hong Kong) Limited Bing Duan
Sanford C. Bernstein (Hong Kong) Limited Chris Lane
UBS James Wang

Recommendation by Analysts on China Telecom

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