Recognition & Awards

China Telecom Corporation Limited was awarded with the following corporate governance grand awards in "Asian Excellence Award 2020", organized by Corporate Governance Asia, a prestigious regional journal on corporate governance:

  • Asia's Best CEO - Mr. Ke Ruiwen
  • Asia's Best CFO - Madam Zhu Min
  • Asia's Best CSR
  • Best Investor Relations Company

"Asian Excellence Awards" recognizes corporates' achievements and excellence in management acumen, financial performance, corporate social responsibility, environmental practices and investor relations. These awards are in the tradition of the high standards set and uphold by Corporate Governance Asia, the authoritative voice in corporate governance practices in the region. The accolades are based both on the scores from the data that was submitted by readers and from interviews conducted with investors.

China Telecom Corporation Limited was awarded "The Best of Asia – Icon on Corporate Governance" in the "Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards 2019", organized by Corporate Governance Asia, a prestigious regional journal on corporate governance. It is the 13th time the Company honored with this award. Mr. Ke Ruiwen, Executive Director, Chairman and CEO, was accredited the "Asian Corporate Director Recognition Award 2019".

"Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards" honors corporates who have outstanding performance on various aspects including quality of management, their business model, growth prospects, financial performance and relative position in their industries. Corporate Governance Asia honors corporates that remain in good standing as far as corporate governance is concerned.

China Telecom ranked 158th by revenue in "Fortune Global 500" for the year 2020. (Fortune August 2020 issue)

China Telecom was voted as "Most Honored Companies in Asia" in the 2020 All-Asia-Executive Team Poll organized by Institutional Investor, a highly regarded financial magazine. The Company received this accolade every single year in the poll's ten-year history.The poll, organized to recognize top companies and executives in the region, received votes from over 1,900 portfolio managers and buy-side analysts and over 600 sell-side analysts. China Telecom and its key executives also ranked top three in multiple categories in the "Telecommunications" sector:

  • Best CEO – Mr. KE Ruiwen
  • Best CFO – Madam ZHU Min
  • Best IR Team
  • Best IR Program
  • Best ESG

China Telecom ranked 158th by revenue in "Fortune Global 500" for the year 2020. (Fortune August 2020 issue)

China Telecom Corporation Limited was voted by portfolio managers and analysts around the globe as "No.1 Best Telecommunications Company in Asia", at the "Asia's Best Managed Companies Poll 2020" by FinanceAsia, a reputable financial magazine in Asia. The Company's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Ke Ruiwen, was voted as "No.2 Best CEO in China".

In total, China Telecom swept seven top awards as follows:

  • No.1 Best Telecommunications Company in Asia
  • No.2 Best CEO in China
  • No.2 Best Managed Company in China
  • No.2 Best Environmental Stewardship in China
  • No.2 Most Committed to Social Causes in China
  • No.3 Best Corporate Governance in China
  • No.2 Best Investor Relations in China

China Telecom ranked 174th in "The Forbes Global 2000" for the year 2020, which was based on a composite ranking from four metrics: sales, profit, assets and market value.

China Telecom Corporation Limited was accredited with "Platinum Award - Excellence in Environmental, Social and Governance" in the poll of "ESG Corporate Awards 2019" by The Asset. The Company attained the award for the 11th consecutive year. In addition, the Company's "Cloudification in 5G" strategy was awarded "Highly Commended Initiative in Innovation".

Organized by The Asset, a reputable financial magazine in Asia, "ESG Corporate Awards 2019" is now in its 19th year, the longest running ESG awards in Asia. "Platinum Award" recognizes companies' attainment in comprehensive categories of corporate endeavors: financial performance, management, corporate governance, social and environmental responsibility and investor relations. "Highly Commended Initiative in Innovation" honors companies which have designed and applied a business strategy that has taken the company to the next level by embracing new ways of doing business.