China Telecom adheres to concepts of open and cooperation, inclusiveness and co-sharing, shares the fruits of development with stakeholders, and contributes to sustainable economic and social development with inclusive development. Insisting on the “people-oriented” principle, China Telecom strives to achieve the common growth of employees and the Company, and actively builds industrial ecology with partners to strengthen digital inclusiveness. It supports rural revitalisation and social welfare, promotes global network interconnection, and calls on the World Broadband Association (WBBA) to keep focusing on the initiative of the United Nations and ITU to narrow the digital divide, so that people in more countries and regions can co-share the achievements of digital development.

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  • Co-creating a Home for Employees
  • Co-building an Industrial Ecology
  • Co-sharing Development Achievements
  • Co-writing the Overseas Chapter
Sustainability Report 2023