Recognition & Awards

China Telecom Corporation Limited's website ( won the award of "No.1 Best Investor Relations Website in Asia & Pacific" in IR Global Rankings 2012. It is the second consecutive year the Company received this award. China Telecom was further honoured with "No.1 Best Financial Disclosure Procedures in Asia & Pacific" and "No.1 Best Online Annual Report in Asia & Pacific".

For IR Global Rankings 2012 (, about 200 publicly traded companies from North America, Europe, Asia & Pacific, Latin America and India have participated, including AT&T, General Electric, Microsoft, HSBC, Baidu, China Merchants Bank and Ping An Insurance. Established in 1999, IR Global Rankings is the most comprehensive ranking system for investor relations websites, financial disclosure procedures, online annual reports and corporate governance practices. It is supported by key global institutions, such as Arnold & Porter, KPMG, MZ and Sodali.

China Telecom Corporation Limited's 2011 Annual Report won a total of 5 gold awards in the 2012 International ARC Awards and Vision Awards Annual Report Competition by The League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP).

"International ARC Awards" is the world's largest and independent international competition honoring excellence in annual reports and corporate communications. "International ARC Awards" is branded as the "Academy Awards of Annual Reports" according to the financial media. Judging is based on the values of creativity, clarity, effectiveness, and excellence of the annual reports. There were altogether more than 2,200 annual reports from 32 countries participating in the contest this year, which was the 26th annual competition.

The League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) Vision Awards is one of the world's most influential annual report competition. Over 5,500 entries from more than 24 countries were received for the 12th Vision Awards this year. All entries were judged by experienced media professionals, based on the overall impression, cover design, chairman's statement, report narrative, report financials, creativity, message clarity and information accessibility of the annual reports.

China Telecom Corporation Limited has been voted by professional investors again as one of the "Asia's Most Honored Companies" and "Asia's Best Investor Relations Company in telecommunications sector" in 2012 All-Asia-Executive-Team ranking organized by Institutional Investor, a highly-regarded international financial magazine. In addition, Mr. Wang Xiaochu, Chairman and CEO of China Telecom was voted "Asia's Best CEO in telecommunications sector" and Madam Wu Andi, Executive Vice President and CFO of the Company, was voted "Asia's Best CFO in telecommunications sector".

All-Asia-Executive-Team ranking, by Institutional Investor, was organised for the second year to recognise Asia ex-Japan region's best executives and companies. The survey participants were asked to nominate executives and companies in their coverage universe that stand out at a number of attributes, including the accessibility of senior management, industry knowledge, quality and depth of answers to inquiries, transparency of financial reporting and disclosure, quality of information provided via company website/ E-mail alerts, among others. The results this year reflected the opinions of over 930 buy-side and 490 sell-side investment professionals at more than 570 securities firms and financial institutions.

China Telecom ranked 221st by revenue in "Fortune Global 500" for the year 2012. (Fortune July 2012 issue)

China Telecom Corporation Limited was awarded "The Best of Asia" in Corporate Governance Asia's 8th Recognition Awards 2012. This is the third consecutive year the Company received this award. In addition, Mr. Wang Xiaochu, Chairman & CEO, was honoured with "Asian Corporate Director Recognition Awards 2012".

The awards are in recognition of corporate who has outstanding performance in various aspects including overall corporate governance track record, management discipline, disclosure and transparency, the discipline of the board of directors and its sub-committees, investor relations practices and corporate social responsibility practices.

CAPITAL, a renowned Hong Kong financial journal, awarded China Telecom Corporation Limited "The CAPITAL Outstanding China Enterprise Awards - Telecommunications" for seven consecutive years. The award, which is judged in terms of the overall performance of the enterprise, goodwill, corporate governance, operation management, market position and financial performance, aimes to honour the contribution Chinese enterprises have made to the global and domestic economies.

China Telecom Corporation Limited has been voted by investors for two consecutive years "Overall Best Managed Company in Asia" in Asia's Best Companies Poll 2012 by FinanceAsia, a leading and reputable financial magazine in Asia.

In addition, Mr. Wang Xiaochu, Chairman and CEO of China Telecom was named the "Best CEO in China", and Madam Wu Andi, Executive Vice President and CFO of the Company, was awarded the "Best CFO in China". China Telecom was further accredited by FinanceAsia with the following awards:

  • No. 1 Best Managed Company in China
  • No. 1 Best Corporate Governance in China
  • No. 1 Best Investor Relations in China
  • No. 1 Best Corporate Social Responsibility in China
  • Best Telecom Company in Asia

China Telecom Corporation Limited was honoured with four corporate governance grand awards in "Asian Excellence Recognition Awards 2012" organised by "Corporate Governance Asia", a leading regional journal on corporate governance:

  • "Best CEO" - Mr. Wang Xiaochu
  • "Best CFO" - Madam Wu Andi
  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Best Investor Relations

"Asian Excellence Recognition Awards" is designed to recognize Asian companies who perform excellently in investor communications, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, environmental practices and financial performance.

China Telecom was accredited with "Platinum Award for All-Round Excellence" in the poll of "Corporate Awards 2011" by The Asset, a reputable financial magazine in Asia. This is the third consecutive year the Company received this award. In addition, China Telecom was honoured with "China's Most Promising Companies 2011".

For the Asset's "Corporate Awards 2011", the judging criteria mainly include the company's financial performance, management acumen, corporate governance, social responsibility, environmental responsibility and investor relations, with due reference to the research reports by professional investment analysts.

China Telecom Corporation Limited was voted by leading equity analysts "No.1 Best Managed Company in Asia", across all industries at the latest "Asia Best Managed Companies" ranking by Euromoney, an international reputable financial magazine. China Telecom is the first company honoured with such grand recognition for three years in a row. In the individual categories, China Telecom was also ranked as "No.1 Best Corporate Governance in Asia", "No.1 Most Convincing and Coherent Strategy in Asia", "No.1 Best Shareholder Value in Asia" and "No.1 Most Useful and Informative Website in Asia".

Euromoney's "Asia Best Managed Companies" ranking is one of the most reputable awards in Asia. This is the 11th year of the event and is highly recognized by capital market participants. This year the Ranking is based on a survey of 144 leading equity analysts at investment banks and research institutes in Asia who were asked to name which companies were the most impressive across a number of factors including quality of management, market strength, profitability, growth potential and earnings.

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