Customer Service

The service, facing to all residential customers and mobile customers, provides standardization service through community managers system, contract system in rural areas and the hotlines with the uniform access number of "10000".

Community manager system

In cities, countries and villages and towns the community managers of the Company are assigned by geographical area to take charge of local customer development and sales service. Their recompenses link to the voice traffic in its coverage areas. In addition, community managers are also responsible for gathering market and demand information.

Contract system in rural areas

The Company is the first operator in China to develop a contract system to serve customers in the rural areas. Under this system, the Company selects certain local residents to be responsible for service promotion, customer development, equipment maintenance and fee collection. This system helps greatly expand the telecom market in rural areas and enables to lower operational costs effectively while its vast rural customers enjoy directly the convenient and fast service.

Customer service hotline-10000

The Company provides customer services through its customer service hotline with the unified electronic-based, convenient and fast services interface. These customer service hotline handles business consultation, business inquiries and business acceptance, malfunction express, initiative sale and receives customers' complaints and customers' care etc.

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