Procedures for Shareholders to Propose a Person for Election as a Director

Directors shall be elected at shareholders' general meeting for a term of three (3) years. At the expiry of a director's term, the director may stand for re-election and reappointment for a further term. However, independent directors shall not serve for more than six (6) consecutive years.

Pursuant to Article 70 of the Articles of Association, before the Company convenes a shareholders' general meeting, the board of directors, the supervisory committee or shareholders, individually or jointly, holding 3% or more of the total voting shares of the Company shall have the right to propose new motions (such as election of directors) in writing, and the Company shall place such proposed motions on the agenda for such general meeting if they are matters falling within the functions and powers of shareholders in general meetings.

Pursuant to Article 67 and Article 103 of the Articles of Association, shareholders can also request to convene an extraordinary general meeting. Shareholder(s) individually or collectively holding 10% or more of the Company’s issued and outstanding voting shares may sign a written proposal requesting the board of directors to convene an extraordinary general meeting. If the board of directors decides to convene an extraordinary general meeting, a notice to convene such meeting shall be issued within five (5) days after the resolution to convene an extraordinary general meeting is adopted by the board of directors. The Company shall convene an extraordinary general meeting for election of directors within two (2) months.

The minimum period during which written notice given to the Company of the intention to propose a person for election as a director, and during which written notice to the Company by such person of his/her willingness to be elected may be given, will be at least 7 days. Such period will commence no earlier than the day after the despatch of the notice of the meeting for the purpose of considering such election and shall end no later than 7 days prior to the date of such meeting.

An ordinary resolution for election of directors must be passed by votes representing half or more of the voting rights represented by the shareholders (including proxies) present at the meeting.

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