China Telecom has been granted 5G license

6 June 2019

On 6 June 2019, China Telecom was granted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology the permit to operate the “5G digital cellular mobile service”. 5G licensing marks a significant milestone in the implementation of Cyberpower and 5G-led development strategies, and has great importance to technology innovation, industry upgrading and high-quality development of the economy.

Since the commencement of 5G trial at the end of 2017, China Telecom proactively launched 5G technology trials and built 5G trial network in 17 trial cities with various domestic and foreign companies, achieving many breakthroughs. Meanwhile, China Telecom and its partners performed a variety of innovative practices of 5G applications, and has now covered key application scenarios in vertical industries such as government and administration, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, education, medical service, media, tourism and environmental protection. The number of customers joining the trial exceeded 200.

After receiving 5G license, China Telecom will continue to adhere to the development principles of “innovation, coordination, environmentalism, openness and sharing”, commence 5G network construction with high-quality development as the target. The Company will proactively explore and promote co-building and co-sharing of 5G network to reduce the costs of network construction and maintenance, and ensure a superior network quality as well as flourishing applications and services. With open cooperation, China Telecom will participate together with domestic and foreign companies in 5G network construction, business innovation, as well as application R&D and promotion, to foster industrial prosperity and share the fruits of development.