China Telecom E-surfing Handset Fair & Mobile Internet Forum 2013

26 Jun 2013

China Telecom's "E-surfing Handset Fair & Mobile Internet Forum 2013" was held in Guangzhou on 21 June 2013. Participants included not only value chain partners, like handset manufacturers and distributors, but also various Internet-related companies, such as Internet companies and applications & content providers. This year is the fifth consecutive session for China Telecom to organise the handset fair and is now the world's largest in scale.

In the opening ceremony, China Telecom together with numerous terminal distributors signed E-surfing smartphone procurement confirmation documents with various terminal manufacturers for an aggregated volume reaching 51 million units. Among these distributors were national distributors, such as Zhongyou Equipment , Putian Taili , Telling, Coowin, and chain stores, like Suning, Gome, FunTalk, D.Phone, CentreYou and Songlian Communication, and e-Commerce company like Jingdong Shang Cheng. Compared to the E-surfing handset fair in 2012, there were more diversified distributors participating in the procurement, more enriched smartphone varieties and further enlarged procurement size this year.

Mr. Wang Xiaochu, Chairman and CEO of China Telecom, said that the Company's E-surfing mobile subscriber base already surpassed 172 million. With the growing China Telecom E-surfing mobile subscriber scale, the E-surfing terminal market development is driven by both the replacement demand of existing users and the demand of new users. In the first five months of this year, the sales volume of E-surfing handset was over 31 million and the terminal sales volume for the full year might break through the 80-million target.

Chairman Wang said that currently the Internet technology is driving the development of a new industrial revolution. Internet has a significant impact on and changes the model of traditional economic activities. The key is to enhance and improve the value chain in respect of research & development, manufacturing, sales & marketing, and services by leveraging the Internet core mindset of openness, fairness and cooperation with a focus on customer value.

Chairman Wang said China Telecom is now expanding the deployment of LTE trial network and preparing for LTE operation from network, business and terminal perspectives. China Telecom is confident to grasp the new opportunities together with its partners for more prosperous development.