China Telecom Signed A Cooperating Agreement With SMG

30 Dec 2004

Reported By Nie Li (People's Post & Telecommunications News) 2004-12-28

On Dec.23 China Telecom Singed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Media Group(SMG) in Beijing. Both sides will cooperate fully in value-added business and the developing and applying field of new media via resource sharing and complementary advantages. Wang Xiaochu, the general manager of China Telecommunications corporation, and Li Gangrui, president of SMG, were present at the signature ceremony.

China Telecom is the biggest national telecommunication operator. It owns the advanced and perfect network resource, management system as well as ChinaVnet platform that cover the whole country. SMG is one of the largest news media group with extremely rich resource of video and audio programs and the TV channel that is covering whole nation. It is said that both have already set up long and embedded cooperation in the streaming media area of broad band Internet. East Broad of SMG provides the streaming media service on ChinaVnet platform that is welcomed widely.

After the signature China Telecom and SMG will exploit cooperative area further. That is to research and develop various streaming media programs and business patterns in telecommunication networks, to discuss the latest growing trends in their cooperative area and to expand together marketing with their respective resources and marketing measures.