Launch Online University to Cultivate Talents

03 Nov 2004

Reported by People's Post & Telecommunications News (Oct. 27 2004)

On Oct. 25 the online university of China Telecom was established. Mr. Zhang Jiping, the vice president of China Telecom, emphasized the strategic meaning of the online university in videoconference and expounded four requests for the university running well. Ms. Huang Wenlin, another vice president, emceed the conference.

Mr. Zhang Jiping indicated that cultivating talents is an important strategic measure for market competition as well as for sustainable development of China Telecom. The birth of the online university will provide an effective learning platform on line for all employees of China Telecom. Furthermore, it helps the employees share the training resource in the corporation and afford convenient to learn on-line in their spare time.

Mr. Zhang pointed out four requests:
1. requiring that the all levels focus heavily on putting forward the program of the university for cultivating talents and creating a learning-type enterprise.
2. requiring to popularize and train all stuff for construction of the university and to make habit of learning on-line to all employees.
3. requiring that the all levels utilize fully the platform to promote the services of their enterprises.
4. requiring that the all employees utilize fully platform to study hard and to improve themselves in learning to return the corporation and society.