China Telecom Creates Stars Alliance Forming Internet Industry Chain

03 Nov 2004

Reported by People's Post & Telecommunications News (Oct.20, 2004)

On Oct. 19 China Telecom created Star Alliance and hold the first forum on Star Alliance in Beijing. The alliance signified that China Telecom constructed tighter Internet industry chain on the base of ChinaVnet to deepen the cooperation between telecom operators and service providers (SP).

Insisting on the faith of resource sharing, advantage complementing and win-win cooperating, China Telecom used fully its subscribers resource, networks resource, application support platform, marketing network, consumers service and public channels to launch ChinaVnet, a new commercial mode with numerous SP, in Sep. 2003.

After one years operation, the brand of Chinavnet has become well known, which realized one-point access can enjoy a whole-network service", one-point authentication can enjoy a whole-network pass" and one-point settlement can be beneficial to the whole network".
The banner of ChinaVnet ,Rays of light in focus to you, has been accepted by the Internet industry. As of Sep. of this year, ChinaVnet gathered over 400 ICPs and owned 6.24million subscribers. The daily browse frequencies of its homepage exceed 2.40million and the weekly turnover on the platform exceed ten millions of RMB.

30 ICPs, the first members of the Star Alliance, expressed that the establishment of Alliance will strengthen the communication between telecom operator and ICP so as to mature the commercial mode.