First Legal Music Downloading Website, Rock'n'Roll Star, was Appeared in China

27 Sep 2004

Reported by People's Post & Telecommunications News (Aug.20, 2004)

On August 25, China Telecom set a formal agreement with Rock'n'Roll Disc Corp., which support and promote the download of the music with copyright. They allied to launch Rock'n'Roll Starry Sky (RRSS), the music on-line. This agreement indicated that the first Chinese legal music downloading website was given birth.

RRSS is the most integrated music warehouse of China at present. The music on line gives the audiovisual effect with top quality, which can be downloaded to computer and mp3. All the subscribers could enjoy the dulcet music anywhere. The website can bring mutual communication into play by the network. It provides the talk room to music fans and the fans' opportunity to communication with music stars face-to-face.

Since Sep. of 2003 China Telecom has launched ChinaVnet as an open platform to unite excellent SP who have provided various colorful application services. For nearly one year, ChinaVnet has covered amusement, education and security etc many areas that have been involved in consulting, e-business, public service, commerce application etc.

The cooperation with RRSS would not only use its music brand advantage, but also use the whole-net service advantage of ChinaVnet. Aiming at providing the most avant-courier information, the most perfect music, the most effective service, ChinaVnet will become the most professional, most influenced music platform to meet the customers' individual demand at all-dimension.

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