Create Top of Global Network Capability after Acquiring Underwater Cables of 30 G

07 Sep 2004

Reported by People's Post & Telecommunications News (Aug.20, 2004)

On August 19, China Telecom signed an acquiring agreement of international transport capability with FLAG. According to the agreement China Telecom will acquire the underwater cable of 30G. It is the reorder after acquiring successfully the underwater cables of 17.7G in the end of last year. The agreement indicated that China Telecom set the record to acquire the underwater cables in the biggest scale with the lowest cost. The transport capacity of China Telecom will increase 208% to North America, which gets ahead of other telecom operators in China.

In the past 10 years China Telecom invested in constructions of 26 fiber-optic cables to foreign countries and Hong Kong Macau Taiwan Regions, which form an international communication network. China Telecom also invested and participated in the constructions of three big capability underwater cable systems, SEA-ME-WE3, China and America, No. 2Asia an Pacific, that were separately put in use on December 1999, January 2000 and November 2001. Their beachheads were set up in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

In addition, the Ministry of Information Industry appointed China Telecom as the information highway constructor in Large Mekong Sub-area. By the support of the government China Telecom will promote the cooperation in telecommunications network and telecom business with Southeast Asia.

China Telecom promotes actively the transport network construction of fiber-optic cables between Asia and Europe. On July 15 of this year China Telecom made agreement on Building/Maintenance Of Fiber-optic Cable with Russian Telecom Sino-Russian, which will improve greatly the telecommunication ability between Asia and Europe. The ally signifies strategic meaning.

Relaying on talents, brand, networks and long-term cooperation, China Telecom cooperates and communicates widely with its partners overseas. It has positively carried out the strategy of going out in order to become China as an information bridge in the world to connect Europe, Asia North America etc. That is to say, China Telecom is playing an important role in Chinese information construction.