China Telecom Support Chinese Badminton Team - Advancing with Champion Hand in Hand

13 Aug 2004

On Aug.5 China Telecom conducted a ceremony to see off Chinese Badminton Team that would participate in the Olympic Games of 2004 at the HQ building of China Telecom. China Telecom made a corporate agreement on sponsoring Chinese Badminton Team with Managing Center of Table Tennis and Badminton, which belongs to State General Administration of Physical Culture and Sports. It was indicated that China Telecom became a formally main sponsor of Chinese Badminton Team. Mr.Li Furong, the leader of State General Administration of Physical Culture and Sports, Mr.Liu Fengyan, the director of the Managing Center of Table - Tennis and Badminton, Mr. Li Yongbo, the head coach of Chinese Badminton Team with the all badminton players who would go to Athens Olympic Games attend the ceremony.

At the ceremony all the athletes put their signatures to the flag of China Telecom.

Mr. Li Yongbo presented the sport suit and badminton rackets of Chinese Badminton Team.

It was pleasantly surprised that the athletes "watched" their parents and had a talk with them in long distance with a videophone that was provided by China Telecom. Bao chunlai, Lin Dan, Zhou Mi, Gong Weina, Chen Hong, Gao Ling and Zhang Jun, the famous badminton players were very excited ringing the videophone.

It was reported that the subsidiary companies in Chinese provinces of China Telecom was fixing Visual online (Videophone), a new product of China Telecom, to these athletes families at the same time. The broadband access fee and the first monthly fee of telephone would be free in order to communicating conveniently between the athletes and their families during Athens Olympic Games.

It is the first corporation that China Telecom allied with national sports organization as well as is a positive attempt that China Telecom strengthened its new look in the new century.

Chinese Badminton Team has resplendent achievements in the history. Especially, in June this year the Team resized the Thomas Cup after 12 years, which burned the passions in whole China. With a hard-struggling spirits the team shows its overall strength and high quality.

With staff of fifty thousand, China Telecom is the largest wireline operator in the world. The group also owns high quality and hard-struggling spirits. China Telecom expects to advance the development of China physical sport and exhibit itself brand by supporting the Chinese Badminton Team so as to realize the complete consonance of both spirits and culture.

Meanwhile through the corporation with the oversize state-enterprise Chinese Badminton Team will further improve their training conditions and environment to promote its marketable operation further.