China Telecom Held Meeting on Analysis Marketing in First Half Year

12 Aug 2004

On July 29-30, 2004 China Telecom held a meeting about marketing work in the first half of this year in Beijing. Attendants analyzed in depth and summarized their telecommunications marketing work in the period. As well as they put forward the new business target of the second half year.

It was considered that China Telecom better completed the business plan. The developing status of all respects came up to the expectation of the first half year, as follow,
The local voice usage maintained stable growth;
PHS and broadband services increased rapidly;
The risks of domestic long distance service were more released;
VAS (value-added service) also grew well;
the promotion of voice information, ChinaVnet and PHS sort message service (SMS) etc. had favorable developing trend;

It was pointed in the meeting that as the competition of telecommunications market could keep keen in the second half year, China Telecom would be attention to the macro-developing trends and the advantage comparison in the competitive market, the proportional development of crucial business and steady subscribers & inventory market of business.

China Telecom would start with main marketing links, such as to straighten out the process of business, to improve measures and to increase all-round abilities of services in order to perfect constantly its marketing system.

There were three great tasks proposed by China Telecom in the meeting, which would speed to spread restructuring sales.

The tasks included:
a. to optimize marketing system ____ China Telecom will adjust marketing functions, supply and establish the marketing process in the face of subscribers with its 3-levels management frame.
b. to provide the marketing methods ____ China Telecom will form a ability equal to the one of international telecom operators to fit the competitive market.
c. to optimize the scope of BBS requirement ____ China Telecom will design data mode, regulate the BBS system and upgrade the support capacity of information and system for its marketing work.