Key Business Products

e surfing

e surfing is a mobile service brand that China Telecom designed for meeting the demands of the customers for the converged information services. Positioning on the "Mobile Communications at the Internet Era", China Telecom provides the mobile Internet applications and convenient voice service at every place while considering the greater demands of voice and data integrated services from the middle and high end customers, family and individual customers. The introduction of e surfing product complemented the all-service operation for China Telecom, and further deepened the enterprise brand positioning as the "Integrated Information Service Provider". When the advantages of the convergence services are fully explored, the demands of the customers, especially the middle and high end customers, family customers and individual customers could be met.

The data service advantages of the e surfing product further intensified the differential advantages of China Telecom over the Internet, and it also enriches the Internet applications such as the games, entertainment, films, music and the life of the community, and it gives a chance to the customers to experience the brand characteristics of the "Technology innovation, self-confidence, fashions and energetic" and to become the leader in time in "Grasping the future when striding a step ahead of others".

e navigator

This is a customer brand that China Telecom has specially designed for the enterprise customers, with a core content of the brand, that is "Converging the Information Applications and Creating Values only with Foresight". Knowing the integrated communications and information requirements from different enterprise customers, China Telecom has provided three-version applications which are communications version, information version and business version in order to fully support the particular requirements from customers aiming to enhance corporate image, reduce operation costs, increase work efficiency, find more business opportunities and promote the business development.

With the convergence of the mobile services, China Telecom has come into a stage of operating all kinds of telecom services. This will add great power to China Telecom in its provision of the integrated information services to the enterprise customers.

China Telecom will bring out the advantages of the convergence of the fixed line service and mobile service, industry applications and one-stop shopping service, constantly invent the all-service convergent products in order to provide the customers with the secure, best quality and high efficient telecom services and information applications services for the industrial and enterprise informatization.

e home

This is a customer brand that China Telecom has specially designed for the family customers, who desire to have the multiple and personalized telecom and information application. After the introduction of the e surfing mobile service, China Telecom provides various kinds of service packages including all services targeting customers’ particular requirement. With the integrated service and convenient applications, an ideal life platform has been set up, and the concept of "With love, there is no distance between you and your family" has been further solidified. The purpose is to set up a new perfect family information platform. With converged services, a combined wire-line and wireless solution for voice services and an integrated information solution for voice, Internet, value-added and video applications can be also offered to meet the information application requirements in the family, and also the choice of wireless broadband indicates the seamless convergence between the mobile terminals and the wireless broadband (WLAN). With the e-Home product, you can fully enjoy the mobile information life.

Best Tone

This is a service brand offered to the public for the integrated information services provided by China Telecom, with a core content of "Getting to know everything and doing business everywhere". China Telecom strives to make an advanced comprehensive gateway in China as a searching engineer and provides customers with the nationwide services that relate to "clothing, eating, housing, traveling and other consumptions". From this service, the customers can enjoy the new information life as easy as possible.

Best Tone service is based on the multiple platforms such as voice, Internet, mobile phone in providing personalized and all-direction comprehensive information services. By providing all the information relating with "clothing, eating, housing, transportation and pleasure", this service could offer you the necessary phone numbers, news, positioning, navigation, entertainment and other information and the booking services such as air tickets, hotels, dinner, travelling plans, commodity ordering, etc., and offer the enterprise customers with phone number inquiry, voice switch, information ordering and other information assistant services. China Telecom could provide the enterprise customers with the total solutions locally and inter-regionally and information release service after combining all the media resources of China Telecom.