Wireline Voice Services

Our wireline voice services comprise of local wireline telephone services and long distance wireline services. Our long distance wireline services consist of domestic long distance wireline services and international, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan long distance wireline services.

Mobile Voice Services

We began to offer our CDMA mobile voice services in the fourth quarter of 2008. Our mobile voice services include local calls, domestic long distance calls, international long distance calls, intra-provincial roaming, inter-provincial roaming and international roaming.

Internet Access Services

Our Internet access services consist of wireline Internet access services, including dial-up and broadband services, and wireless Internet access services.

Value-added Services

Our value-added services comprise primarily wireline, Internet and mobile value-added services. Our wireline or traditional value-added services consist of Color Ring Tone services, super cordless telephone services, caller ID services, short messaging services, or SMS, and telephone payment services.

Color Ring Tone refers to a service where subscribers can customize the answer ring tone heard by the caller from a wide selection of songs, melodies, sound effects or voice recordings to replace the monotonous ring connecting tone.

Super cordless telephone refers to a service that provides a fixed-line telephone and a wireless access telephone, such as PHS, sharing the same telephone number.

Telephone payment services primarily consist of telephone POS terminal services that enable our customers to swipe their bank cards on a telephone point of sale (POS) terminal for self-services, such as making payments, transferring funds and checking balances.

Our Internet value-added services primarily consist of "ChinaVNet" services, Internet data center, or IDC, services, IP-virtual private dial-up network services, IPTV services, Internet through TV services, collaborative communication services and music gateway services.

"ChinaVNet" services refer to products and applications, such as music, video, software and recharge of online game cards, provided through broadband access and operated on a nationwide basis.

Following our acquisition of the CDMA Business in the fourth quarter of 2008, we launched a number of mobile value-added products such as mobile Color Ring Tong services and Mobile Global Mega-Eye services.

Integrated Information Application Services

Our integrated information services consist of "Best Tone" services and IT services and IT application services.

"Best Tone" service provides our customers with phone number storage, enquiry and call transfer services, as well as various information needed in daily life.

IT services and IT application services include information technology-based integrated solutions such as system integration, outsourcing, special advisory, information application, knowledge services and software development.

System integration services include designing, installation and testing services in relation to software and hardware system integration projects.

Outsourcing services include leasing, operation and maintenance and failure recovery services in relation to network and IT software and hardware systems.

Special advisory services include backup for disaster recovery, Internet management and security services.

Information application services include office automation system application, electronic filing and electronic administration and "Hotel Perfection Alliance" services.

Knowledge services refer to the consulting, training and project management services in relation to designing and optimizing networks, call centers and video applications, and designing, monitoring and evaluation of IT systems.

Managed Data and Leased Line Services

Our managed data services include Digital Data Network, or DDN, frame relay, or FR, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode, or ATM, services. We offer managed data services as part of our total telecommunications solutions to large enterprise customers, including government agencies, large corporations and institutions. Many of these customers choose FR and ATM services to form virtual private networks, or VPNs, and link their local area networks at different locations. We also collaborate with a number of international telecommunications service providers to build global communications networks for multinational corporations.

Other Services

Our other services primarily include sales, repairs and maintenance of customer-end equipment.